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About Us

Founded by Toni Fatinikun, Iná (pronounced ee no) is a word 
derived  from the Yoruba tribe in
Nigeria, which means “light”. In todays society Women and all people are stressed and there is a strong desire to reduce it. We desire to implement relaxation, comfort, and home décor. Natural candles and body products are considered to satisfy these desires and provide light to the home and body. We use supplies that are healthier for the environment and are more conducive for users whom may have asthma or breathing issues.

The body side of our business, is one that focuses on products that will make our consumers shine bright with confidence. Our products will make the skin glow and smell desirable. Leaving our customers feeling confident and comfortable in their skin.

Our mission is to ensure that we provide luxury hand crafted
products, aimed to make sure our customers shine from within.

Our vision is to create hand crafted products that will stimulate the scenes, provide light and comfort to the home, make the skin glow, and keep people inspired.

The values we stand on are:

Faith: We put God first in everything, and being sure to treat everyone equally and how we would want to be treated.

Character: We believe that one should do what is right even when no one is looking.

Integrity: We strive to be honest in our work people, and products.

Excellence: In everything we do, we do it in a decent manner, in order, and to our best abilities.